Blog Update: Now What?

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Blog Update: Now What?

Some thoughts on the relevance of this blog.

So now that I’ve finally finished posting about my recent travels, it’s time to return to regularly scheduled programming. But what is that? What does that mean? Obviously, I didn’t post that much before I went on vacation, so there’s not much basis for what this blog actually is and what I want it to be.

Most help guides about blogging recommend sticking to a theme, giving your potential audience something they really can’t find anywhere else. To be honest, though, I haven’t really done all that much (yet). I’m not a renowned actor, writer, producer, director, etc. with an amazing stock of memories and knowledge to share. I’m trying to figure everything out as much as the next lady. What can I write about that other people would be interested in? Because if my two trips to London and Comic Con are any indication, I’m personally interested in a lot of things! Heck, the subtitle for this site says I’m an Anglophile gamer writer film buff animation fanatic copyeditor person of the female persuasion. Should I stick to focusing on just one thing, or run the risk of being too generalized by talking about everything?

I suppose if anything, this blog can be a chronicle of my journey from where I am now to wherever the future is planning on taking me. And along the way, I share anything I find to be thought-provoking, interesting, insightful, informative, something else beginning with i, or just plain fun. Hordes of readers may not be won over this way, but I also don’t run the risk of limiting myself. So though I promise to try and maintain consistency, let’s just say this blog may be just as eccentric as a blue anteater.

(Also, the cool thing about tags and titles is people can find what they like, and ignore what they don’t. Whoo!)

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