Recurring Reading Reflections: September 2014

Every month, I post all the new-to-me books that I read the previous month, and make rambly remarks that sort of resemble reviews, but not really.

I don’t fancy myself a book critic, but I do like talking about books and sharing my love and appreciation for really good stories. Not every book I read may fall into that category, but I’ve never regretted reading anything so far (mostly)! So these aren’t so much critiques as little reflections (hence the title). And when I say “new-to-me”, I mean books that I’ve personally never read before, not necessarily newly published. Also, I just took it from my Pinterest – whoo, laziness!

by Tamora Pierce
4/5 ✦ Finished 11 Sept 2014.
Part of the Tortall universe, the Beka Cooper series. Another massive tome, this book starts off a bit slow, and almost a standalone from Terrier, besides the obvious continuity. Beka continues to be a dynamic, intriguing protagonist who continues to learn and grow even while tracking down a vicious counterfeiting ring – which Pierce somehow manages to make tremendously exciting.





House of Leaves
by Mark Z. Danielewski
4/5 ✦ Finished 14 Sept 2014.
There’s not much to say about it without spoiling anything. One reviewer sums it up best: “It’s a book about a book about a film about a house that is a labyrinth. In short, it’s a book that is a labyrinth.” Perhaps don’t expect to rip through it in one sitting (especially at night), and I think stretching it out over the course of a few days actually helps drive the message home: This book is NOT for you.




by Tamora Pierce
5/5 ✦ Finished 18 Sept 2014.
The last Tortall universe book, the Beka Cooper series. I LOVED this book. It’s now my favorite one in the series, and Master Farmer is my all-time favorite character. It really is non-stop action from start to finish, with heart-wrenching scenes, funny scenes, and amazing plot twists. Beka is a wonderful protagonist, whose development was so well done over the course of her trilogy ,and same for all the characters, really. A perfect ending to a fantastic series.





Tortall and Other Lands
by Tamora Pierce
4/5 ✦ Finished 20 Sept 2014.
As the title suggests, nearly all these short stories take place in Tortall & a few familiar faces return. But my favorites were the ones that took place in different fantastic worlds, and featured characters yearning for a chance to prove their potential. Pierce delves into sensitive topics here, and does not shy away from the brutal violence (physical or mental) of reality, especially with the stories located in “our world”.




(Author’s Note: There probably won’t be one of these posts next month, because I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series – any “reflections” of which would just be me fangirling up to eleven – as well as the Little House series, and possibly the Betsy-Tacy series. I rescued these latter childhood books from our garage and I’m curious to read them now as an adult, knowing what I know now, especially in terms of social issues and having a lot more reading under my belt.)

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