Fan Blog Alert: Talkin’ Toons Sound Bytes!

Attention all voice over fans! If you don’t know already, voice actor legend Rob Paulsen has a podcast called Talkin’ Toons, currently recorded live at the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles, California, and available on iTunes. I’ve created a Tumblr blog featuring selected clips from the podcasts, chosen by me – and YOU!

Send in your requests to Talkin’ Toons Sound Bytes!

Background information:

Talkin’ Toons started out in May 2011, with Rob Paulsen just talking to himself with a mic and laptop. He soon realized that he had the phone numbers for practically everyone in the voice over business, and started inviting guests on, beginning with Maurice LaMarche. The show grew as more and more people became interested in hearing world class talents discuss their backgrounds, their careers, and their characters – and of course, say rude things in silly voices.

In June 2012, Rob did his first live podcast at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal Citywalk. This led to several more live shows, including the Original and 2012 casts for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Animaniacs, and Pinky and the Brain, among others. In an effort to reach an even wider audience, Rob struck up a collaboration with UStreamTV, and began hosting live-streaming shows, with viewers able to have their questions answered in real time. The podcast continued to have showings at the Jon Lovitz, usually streamed live, which became monthly events.

Rob was then approached to do his podcast at the Hollywood Improv, and so Talkin’ Toons moved to its new home in October 2013.

If you live in the LA area or roundabouts, you can check for upcoming live shows at the Hollywood Improv website, or updates via Rob’s Twitter. All recordings can be found on Rob’s website, iTunes, and the Talkin’ Toons app, available for both Android and iOS. Rob is very open to questions and comments via Twitter or Facebook, and you can also contact him through his website, where you can even send off for an autographed picture, with all the proceeds going to charity. Find Rob on InstagramYouTube, and shop for merchandise in his CafePress Shoppe!

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