Blog Update: January 2015

(Well, I did say BlueAnteater would return in January, right? It’s not technically over…)

Happy New Year, everyone! I have some announcements to make before moving forward with new content. First, remember that update awhile ago when I had no idea what to do for this blog? Well, I’ve decided that was a bit of a silly way to go about things (real life character development!), and after doing research, I realized that in order to maximize my chances for success (and to improve quality of entertainment), my blog needs to have focus. I’m a copyeditor – I copyedit and do copyedit-related things! I should be sharing tips and tricks of the trade, especially for writers and other editors. So roughly every week, I’ll be putting up an article about what my job entails and various helpful topics on editing.

Also, many of you enjoyed my little “flash fiction” pieces (THANK YOU!), so I’ll be putting up more weekly stories as well. These will be interspersed with personal tales (like what’s happened with my car since last July), animation-related information, and essays on different subjects that interest me (the monthly book and movie reviews will stick around, too!). I’m also learning more about graphics, charts, and new ways to promote content, so hopefully everything will look better than ever!

Thanks to everyone who follows this blog: though you are few in number, every single one of you gives me the motivation to keep on going. After all, the audience is the real star!

New stuff should be going up next week! See you soon!

“New_Years_Ball_3FL” by James Russo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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