Blog Promos

Y’all should follow these blogs because they are AWESOME.

Just wanted to take a break from regular posting to give attention to a couple of blogs that deserve it. Now, I admit, I’m slightly biased because the two people who run these sites just happen to be best friends of mine. But hey, that’s business!

scribScribblets is run by my dear friend, Saundra. She is an awesome lady who loves voice acting, animation, and writing. New to WordPress, her blog will be filled with her wonderful ramblings and delicious fiction stories, and probably a bunch of other stuff because talent.


PuppetD13 is maintained by best friend Deanna , an awesome person of UNPARALLELED ARTISTIC SKILLS (she made her logo up there, and my favicon!). She loves books and digital design, and is currently attending the Art Institute in Oregon. As such, her blog is filled with homework prompts, as well as her amazing thoughts and feelings about stuff. It’s incredibly useful if you are an art student, or are otherwise interested in design.

Besides my friends, I have a few followers who have their own amazing blogs, so I’ll probably do more of these promo things. And well, if you wanna give a little shout out to ol’ BlueAnteater here, be my guest! Till then, thanks for reading and follow Scribblets and PuppetD13!

“Confetti” is by ADoseOfShipBoy and is licensed under CC by 2.0.

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