Editing: 5 More Word Mistakes You Should Avoid

Spelling is really hard.

Last week, I discussed five word mistakes that you may come across while editing. Unlike “tge” and “abd” (or “the” and “and”), these aren’t so much incorrect spellings as just plain wrong. Both the word that was used and the word that was meant are real, actual words, but mean very different things. Sometimes it’s the fault of autocorrect, a finger slip, or simple lack of knowledge. Remember, you can’t always rely on spell-check to catch everything.

Here are five more examples of good words gone bad.

#1 – “You’re not aloud to bring that in here.”

Very common slip. “Allowed” means to permit someone or something to take action in some way. “Aloud” would be screaming out your window that yet another of your favorite Game of Thrones characters has died, rather than just thinking about it.

#2 – “I don’t know weather or not she’ll have it.”

Like rain in California, I don’t see this error often, but it does happen, “whether” the “weather” is good or not. No, that didn’t make sense.

#3 – “Were are we going?”

This one is a little tricky because “were” doesn’t sound that much like “where”, but people miswrite it all the time. More often than not, it’s likely that they simply forgot to put the “h”, but the two look so similar, it’s hard to catch it.

#4 – “I now who the killer is.”

Again, “now” and “know” don’t sound alike, but they look nearly the same – well, barring the letter “k”. Easy mistake to make, and easy to miss while proofing.

#5 – “I love the smell of my boyfriend’s colon.”

Unless you have an unusually sharp nose or are performing an autopsy on your sadly deceased significant other, it is very unlikely that you can smell someone’s colon. “Cologne” is a hard word because it doesn’t look like how it sounds (those tricky Germans), but the effort to learn to spell it is worth not having people think you enjoy sniffing internal organs.

Have you written or proofed any other common (or just downright odd) word mistakes?Share in the comments below!

Header image via SomeCards.com.

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