Monthly Movie Musings: February 2015

…..I’m really bad at watching movies.

Every month (give or take), I post all the new-to-me films that I watched the previous month, and make rambly remarks that sort of resemble reviews, but not really.

I don’t fancy myself a critic, but I do like talking about movies and sharing my love and appreciation for really good stories (and ranting about the not-so-good ones). So these aren’t so much critiques, but rather, my immediate thoughts after seeing a film.

Here are the only movie I watched in February 2015! Hahahaha…

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

3/5 ✦ – Watched 13 Feb 2015

I’m a big Spongebob fan – or well, I used to be. The first three seasons of the show still rank among the best TV episodes ever, and the 2004 movie was the epitome of that success (and my introduction to the Bikini Bottom world). But the show has gone pretty much downhill from there (in my opinion, of course). Though this film is a bit closer to the original humor, it’s still weirdly random and off-putting in places, with its overly grotesque imagery and Adventure Time-esque asides (but lacking that show’s uniqueness). Worth seeing if you are/were a fan, as there’s quite a few classic references and funny moments, especially with Spongebob and Plankton. The CGI scenes are actually the best part, and the seagulls are hilarious.

So yeah, this was a pathetic month for movie musings. I blame video games. Hopefully in March, I’ll have at least more than one!

2 thoughts on “Monthly Movie Musings: February 2015

    • Ha, possibly! But I do have Netflix, and they were playing most, if not all, of the Oscar nominees last month. Effort could’ve been made! =)


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