- Editing: oDesk Is Now Upwork

Editing: oDesk Is Now Upwork

Well, that was unexpected.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing a series on oDesk, the freelance business website. It’s the service that I first used, and still use, to find clients and get work, and so I wanted to share my knowledge of how to utilize the site.

Today, oDesk was changed into Upwork, featuring a new name and platform. There are a few new features coming (as mentioned in their blog post), such as larger teams and faster hiring. This coming on the heels of the most recent changes – the adding of Connects and a premium option – suggests that the company is really making an effort to stay relevant in this ever-fluctuating business.

As the new Upwork seems to be largely the same as oDesk (besides the color change from blue to green), I don’t personally have a problem with it. The transformation hasn’t quite gone off without a hitch, though, as the Team Tracker app (which I was going to discuss in this week’s article) doesn’t seem to be working properly, so if you’re already an oDesk/Upwork user, you might want to hold off on using the program if possible, or contact Support on any issues with time uploading. Otherwise, everything seems to be fairly similar.

Until the dust settles, though, I’m going to hold off on making new articles (and updating the old ones) on oDesk/Upwork. I don’t want to provide false information or anything, just in case this goes the way of Netflix/Qwikster, and it’s all back to normal by next week!

What do you think of the update? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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