A New Look & a Fresh Start! - BlueAnteater.com

A New Look & a Fresh Start!

Hello, everyone! 

You’ve probably noticed the new theme. As it’s been a year since I started this site, I figured it was time to update it a little. All old content and such is still here, but I’ve added new features (like a handy-dandy “follow me” button, a calendar, social media links, etc.) and a brand-new set of pages detailing my editing services. I want my freelance business to continue to grow and prosper, and I think having more information about what I do should help.

I also want to foster a more vibrant community on here, a place where like-minded people (who love editing, books, movies, TV, video games, and animation as much as I do) come together to chat and share stories. So I’m going to posting much more regularly, hopefully even daily, and on a variety of topics – not just editing stuff and stories, but experiences I’ve had, things I’m currently obsessed with, personal issues, the works. If I’m more open about my life and interests, then you all can be, too!

I’m also going to be more interactive on social media. I plan on live-tweeting movies and TV shows I watch (which will under the hashtag, #BlueAnteater) and utilizing trends like Throwback Thursday and National Whatever Day (today, 8 July, is apparently Video Games Day!). I’ll be posting more book and film reviews (since I slacked a little recently, heh) and sharing them to Goodreads and Letterboxd, as well. I have other new ideas for posts, such as curated articles, song mixes, contests, and so on. If you have any other ideas, please share them with me! Though my site is largely intended for business, I also want to have fun with it – after all, all work and no play makes for a dull life!

I’m still updating the site a little, so the first challenge of this “new year” will be put up tomorrow. I’ll be partaking in Writer Digest’s Writer Boot Camp, which I think was supposed to be the first two weeks of July, but eh, better late than never. So there will be two weeks of content for these prompts, followed by a somewhat regular schedule. I’ll still post editorial articles each week, as well as stories, but these will be supplemented, complemented, and even contrasted with other types of content. I hope it’ll be educational, engaging, and just plain fun!

Thank you to all my followers, and here’s to a new start!

~ Hayley

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