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Editing: Another 5 Word Mistakes to Avoid

Or: Please don’t forget to proofread.

A few months ago, I talked about various word mistakes that you may come across while editing. The following examples are taken from real life – and by that I mean, they are actual errors I’ve recently seen in articles I’ve proofed. Mostly, it’s due to a slip of the finger, or the writer isn’t fully paying attention, but they’re important to be aware of, since these are mistakes that spell-check won’t catch.

So here are another five examples of good words gone bad.

#1 – “Don’t forget about important expenses like medical bulls.”

Now, I don’t know much about bulls, but I doubt that very many of them are used for medicinal purposes – or become doctors. Their bills would probably be much higher than your average physician, anyway.

#2 – “Two dental crows will be placed to support a dental bridge.”

Dentists get enough bad press as it is; don’t exacerbate the issue by implying tiny birds will be forced into your mouth if you have missing teeth. Save the animals, save dentists’ reputations – use dental crowns instead (porcelain and/or ceramic ones are quite natural-looking).

#3 – “The dog may not have been viscous enough to be responsible.”

Funny how these have all involved animals, isn’t it? In this case, unless your pet is a Pokemon, there’s absolutely no reason for an animal to be thick, mucousy, syrupy, or gelatinous. Being vicious, on the other hand, is slightly more common, though still a cause for concern.

#4 – “If your care suddenly decelerates, you could get into a collision.”

People’s sympathy can only go so far, especially when being a caregiver to someone who is entirely ungrateful for the assistance. Your care levels can certainly drop fast, but it won’t be as dangerous as your car slowing down without warning.

#5 – “You’ll even be able to sign loudly without worrying about your teeth.”

The whole purpose of using signs is to avoid being noisy at all. Even pickets signs have a quiet nobility about them. You can, of course, sing loudly while signing, just to get your point across better.

Have you written or proofed any other common (or just downright odd) word mistakes? Share in the comments below!

Header image via SomeCards.com.

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