VeggieTales in the House Review: "Bob and Larry - Gettin' Angry" / "Bob's Bad Breath" -

VeggieTales in the House Review: “Bob and Larry – Gettin’ Angry” / “Bob’s Bad Breath”

The fourth and fifth episodes of VeggieTales in the House, now available on Netflix! In “Bob and Larry: Gettin’ Angry,” Bob and Larry get in a fight that lasts all night, and in “Bob’s Bad Breath,” Bob and Larry have to deal with their respective bad habits.

“Bob and Larry: Gettin’ Angry”

VeggieTales in the House Review: "Bob and Larry - Gettin' Angry" / "Bob's Bad Breath" -

Anyone who’s watched VeggieTales for awhile knows that Bob and Larry are the best of friends. Sure, they get a little annoyed with each other, but it’s usually due to being a stressful situation or something like that. For the most part, they support and help each other, which make the title of this episode all the more alarming: Bob and Larry get angry?

This fight goes a bit beyond Bob expressing his usual annoyance at Larry’s silliness, as he actually says he’s mad at Larry for ruining his checkers game with Petunia. Bob comes across as a bit whiny, complaining that he was about to win. In this show, he is slowly becoming less of “the only sane man” and more petty and flawed like the other Veggies. When Bob decides he’d rather just go to bed than deal with Larry anymore, Petunia says that one shouldn’t go to bed when angry with someone. Oddly enough, it’s not quoted as the Bible verse it is, just something she “read somewhere.” She later calls it a verse, but it’s still not referenced directly. (It’s Ephesians 4:6, by the way: “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.”)

VeggieTales in the House Review: "Bob and Larry - Gettin' Angry" / "Bob's Bad Breath" -

It’s actually Petunia’s fault for what happens in the rest of the episode. Bob and Larry both misinterpret the verse literally, believing they are not allowed to sleep while they’re still mad at each other. Bob is upset with Larry over the checkers game, while Larry gets mad at Bob for throwing his prize stinky cheese out the window. (Not sure why Larry offered it to Bob as a snack in the first place if it wasn’t meant to be eaten . . . ) They sit around for awhile, fuming at each other, then Larry gets the idea to throw something of Bob’s out of the window (his limited edition pair of socks – which mysteriously breaks their neighbor’s window).

This starts off a ridiculous montage of both of them throwing each other’s stuff out the window (even Madame Blueberry!) until the house is empty. Bob snarks that this means Larry should obviously apologize now, and Larry insists he’s been wanting to put all his things outside anyway and that Bob should “apolomogize” instead.

Around nine o’clock (!!), they both get very sleepy, but since they believe they can’t sleep while still angry, they decide to have a staring contest instead. (Larry: “I’m great at staring off into space!”) Their respective preparation really makes full use of the stretchy animation and new designs, especially the eyes. It’s a total visual set of gags and segues nicely into a snappy duet of them singing about never falling asleep again, just staring at each other for the rest of their lives. Bit silly, obviously.

VeggieTales in the House Review: "Bob and Larry - Gettin' Angry" / "Bob's Bad Breath" -

Petunia returns (at 11 o’clock at night for no reason) and sees Bob and Larry half-mad with tiredness (they had earlier hallucinated Junior, Pa Grape, Mr. Lunt, and Jimmy in their house). She then has to clarify what the verse actually means: God certainly wants us to sleep, but He doesn’t want us to hold onto our anger, as He wants us to forgive each other instead. Bob says sorry, but it seems more directed at Petunia than Larry, and then the scene shifts into another song about the verse. As soon as it’s done, both Bob and Larry fall instantly asleep.

The whole point of the episode is kind of lost in the quick resolution – Bob doesn’t specifically apologize to Larry for what he did to hurt him, and Larry doesn’t apologize at all. There really ought to have been more dialogue, even on-the-nose type, of them saying sorry for exactly what they did to be mad at each other in the first place. As it is, the episode ends a bit abruptly.

“Bob’s Bad Breath”

VeggieTales in the House Review: "Bob and Larry - Gettin' Angry" / "Bob's Bad Breath" -

Random thought: Where do the Veggies get all their stuff? Are there manufacturing veggies running factories in the house’s bathroom? Are there Veggie farms out in the backyard?

Anyway, this episode starts off with Bob and Larry heading to Pa Grape’s store to get Larry a new toothbrush because he left his old one at the zoo (guess they brought all their stuff back in from outside). Pa is looking for a new greeter, and Bob decides he’s just the tomato for the job. (Larry: “He is really good at saying hi.”) Pa agrees and while Bob is distracted, Larry buys sardine cans and garlic eggnog instead of a new toothbrush. (There’s probably a lesson here in giving into temptation or something, but nothing’s mentioned.)

Larry eats his stinky food all night long apparently, resulting in a smelly house and sleep-deprived Bob, who is too tired to notice that Larry is the source of the stench. He heads off to Pa’s store groggily, and his first greetings to customers are more stilted than cheerful. Bob’s efforts to stay positive are intercut with scenes of Larry goofing off around the house, joyous at being home alone. (Another random thought: Bob and Larry are relatively poor, given that Larry could only afford to buy one thing, and they don’t have regular jobs, so how do they afford anything at all?)

VeggieTales in the House Review: "Bob and Larry - Gettin' Angry" / "Bob's Bad Breath" -

After nearly destroying the house with his silly antics (during which he sings a very silly song about all the stinky things he likes to eat), Larry decides he misses Bob and goes off to Pa’s store to get a job there, too. By this time, Bob has become a very angry greeter indeed, so much so that customers are leaving the store, put off by his negativity. Pa is concerned, but is busy dealing with other matters. He tells Bob to be more friendly, which Bob instantly disobeys, resulting in nearly everyone leaving the shop – well, for that reason, and also because Larry’s bad breath has also permeated the store, and the customers flee in stinky terror.

Bob blames Larry entirely for the now-empty store (Bob: “What did you eat, a cat??”), calling him selfish and inconsiderate, but Pa returns (with a gas mask) and tells Bob that it was his “bad breath” that made everyone leave. This confuses Bob at first, and Pa says, “A bad attitude is like bad breath.” Bob defends himself, saying he acted that way toward the other Veggies because he himself wasn’t in a good mood. “Part of learning how to be considerate is learning how to not just worry about how you feel, but how others feel too,” Pa then reminds him. This is why – in case you were wondering – the episode title refers to Bob instead of Larry, who has actual halitosis. (The theme for this episode, besides having a good attitude, is personal hygiene.) Pa gives them each a new toothbrush, and on Bob’s is written, “Attitude,” meaning he needs to brush up on his attitude just as often as he should brush his teeth.

VeggieTales in the House Review: "Bob and Larry - Gettin' Angry" / "Bob's Bad Breath" -

You’ll have noticed there’s no verse in this episode, which is a shame, but the lesson almost makes up for it. It can be difficult to explain to kids, especially younger ones, that having a bad attitude negatively affects the people around them, and that being nice – even when you don’t feel like it – is the considerate and nice thing to do. Though still a bit silly, this episode proves how a good moral naturally comes out of the story, rather than being forced into it.

What about you? How do you help your kids forgive each other and to have a good attitude? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Header image: VeggieTales in the House from Big Idea Entertainment, DreamWorks Animation Television, and Bardel Entertainment

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