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Writing: Short Story Challenge

In lieu of a prompt this week, I’ve decided to do this short story challenge instead!

This is actually meant to be a 30-day challenge, in which you answer each question once a day, but I’ve tweaked it a little, since most of the questions can be answered in only a couple sentences, and I also got rid of a few since they are story prompts, and I’m still in the middle of Writing Prompt Boot Camp. Feel free to comment or message me if you want the entire list!

#1 – How long is your longest short story?

That would probably be Lookout City, being split into four parts.

#2 – What is your best short story about?


#3 – Have you ever gotten a short story published?


#4 – What is your definition of the length of a short story?

The somewhat technical definition of it being no shorter than 1,000 and no longer than 20,000 words.

#5 – What’s your favorite short story?

Ooh, this is a tricky one. . . Probably “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,” but I reserve the right to change this at any time, ha!

#6 – Who is your favorite short story author?

Ray Bradbury, definitely.

#7 – What is your favorite genre of short stories?

Same as for novels, really: anything except horror and romance (though horror is a bit nebulous; scary is one thing, gross and violent is another).

#8 – How often do you write short stories?

I try to write one every week! Doin’ pretty well so far!

#9 – Which is better to write? Short stories with less chapters or longer stories with lots of chapters?

I wouldn’t qualify either as better, as they both have their purposes. For me, I tend to ramble, so it’s a little harder to keep them short.

#10 – Who is your favorite short story character? They can either be in a story you wrote or someone else wrote.

Does Sherlock Holmes count?

#11 – When did you begin to write short stories?

Technically, since I was in elementary school. Somewhat more officially (here on this blog!), since last year~

#12 – Have you ever gotten an award for a short story that you have written?


#13 – Have you ever met an author of a short story?

I’m assuming this means published authors, and . . . possibly? I’ve met a lot of people, haha. But not knowingly, no.

#14 – Do you prefer reading long or short stories?

I like both for different reasons! If I had to choose, though, I’d probably pick long stories, because (hopefully) it’s more complete and rounded, whereas many short stories begin or end abruptly, leaving tantalizing details and uncertainty up to the reader.

#15 – Is there a difference between short stories and drabbles?

Yes, I think so: drabbles have to be under 100 words, though I’ve read some that are under 1000. They’re kind of like excerpts to what would be a regular-sized short story.

#16 – Think about a short story you have written. Now, describe what you would want the cover of this short story to look like.

Oof, I’m bad with cover design. Whatever it would be, it would be very minimalist, favoring symbols and colors over illustrations.

#17 – Draw the cover of what you would want your short story to look like and post a picture of it.


#18 – A newspaper wants you to write a short story about something you are completely against. What do you do?

I wouldn’t do it.

#19 – When you think of short story, do you think of kids’ stories, or can a short story also be a story for teens or adults?

When I think of short stories, I actually think of adult fiction, as that’s been the majority of my experience with this type of literature. But obviously, I think short stories are for readers of all ages.

#20 – Have you ever published a short story on an Internet writing site, such as Mibba?

No, but I should probably check that out!

#21 – Have you ever written a short story about bands or actors?


#22 – Describe your ideal short story character. What is their personality? Do they have a job? etc.

Eh, my ideal character is one that is well-written and does things that make sense in the context of the story. I’m boringly technical that way.

#23 – Is writing short stories a hobby, or is it something you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life if you could make a living on it?

Right now it’s just a hobby. I’m not sure how much I would enjoy it as a living . . . that’d probably depend on exactly how much money I was making! XD

“I wish everybody’s life stories to be colorful” by george erws is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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