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Writing Prompt Boot Camp: Day 12

Dear Gotham,

This is my resignation.

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed watching the show. But I think it’s time for me to move on to better programming. Actually, I may as well make a clean slate of things: I’ve been watching other shows besides yours, and it’s slowly becoming too much. I’m only one person, and I can’t keep up the workload. I believe that I’ve acquired all the knowledge and experience possible from you, Gotham, and that it’s best for me to move on.

If you require a specific reason, then it must be said it’s because of the acting. The writing, too, to be honest. This is your second season on a primetime network, and I expect much better casting choices and for the current actors to have gotten more comfortable in their roles. As it stands, everyone is still awkward and stilted. I don’t place the entire blame on the actors’ shoulders, of course. It’s a tough gig, and there are many factors at play, including the direction. But I should think that the kinks would have been smoothed out by now.

In terms of the writing, it’s like no one can decide whether to make this a police procedural, a crime drama, or a superhero show, and a happy medium has yet to be found. Too much, too fast is happening in regards to the Batman ‘verse, and I feel at this rate, there won’t be any villains for Bruce to fight once he’s grown.

But now I’m just nit-picking.

I’d like for this to be a smooth transition and so will leave quietly, without ranting or tweeting or any other public fuss.

I do sincerely wish you success, Gotham. And perhaps I will return – with the right incentive.





Random prompt is random. Also, I’m not actually going to stop watching Gotham, though I am growing a little tired of the show for the reasons listed, and if I didn’t watch it with my family, I’d probably wait till the end of the season to just bingewatch the whole thing.

Want to do the challenge yourself? Today’s prompt is: “After years of unhappiness, you’ve finally had enough and have decided to quit – but we’re not talking about your job. Write a letter of resignation to someone other than your employer – your school, your family, your favorite sports team, etc.”

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