Journal: January 2016 Challenge -

Journal: January 2016 Challenge

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.”
— Christina Baldwin

It’s time for another end of the month journal roundup thing! Yay! Again, these are technically supposed to be done on a daily basis, but ain’t nobody got time for that (and by nobody, I mean me). So I skipped a few that were too specific or lengthy.

Here we go!

#1 – New Year’s Resolutions

  • To lose 20 pounds by my birthday – Doing good so far! 8D
  • To further my career prospects – Ehh… The year is still young!
  • Buy more professional clothes and accessories – Working on it slowly but surely!

#2 – Who is your writing role model?

Michael Palin. I know that may seem a bit odd to people who only know him from Monty Python, but it was during the course of reading through his diaries that I realized it was indeed possible to make a career out of doing what you wanted to do. I read those during a difficult time in college, when I had been dropped as a biology major and had to pick something else. The only thing I felt I was any good at was writing, but I didn’t think I would get any jobs with that. Palin had similar concerns during the rise of and after Monty Python, when all he wanted to do was write and create. And he did! It was a lot of hard work and heartbreak and failures, but also quite a few successes and breakthroughs. And he never stopped writing throughout it all: besides writing television and movies, he also wrote two novels and all the accompanying books for his travelogues – and kept a diary that he writes in to this day. So that’s the kind of thing that keeps me going when I want to quit; I may not get there the fastest, but that doesn’t I won’t ever get there!

#3 – Which books influenced your writing?

The first one that comes to mind is Spunky’s Diary, which inspired me to write my very first stories (that I can remember, anyway). I was also inspired by the works of Roald Dahl and Ray Bradbury (still am!).

#4 – Your favorite writing quotes.

I can’t think of any specific ones besides the obvious (“Read. Write. Read some more. Keep writing.”), but basically anything Neil Gaiman says on the topic.

(Obligatory Douglas Adams quote tho: “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”)

#5 – Favorite famous poem.

Oh, I’m bad at this kind of thing. Shel Silverstein writes good stuff, I know that much.

#6 – I write because . . .

Because I want to! And what better reason can there be? 😉

#7 – Make your own writing prompt.

A fantasy story that incorporates an empty soda can, a bottle of lotion, and a wallet.

#8 – List the books you’ve read so far this year.

Well . . .

#9 – Favorite pens to write with.

Any pen that glides smooth and clear is super nice, but I do love my fancy fountain pens~

#10 – Office supplies.

I have a mug full of assorted pens and pencils, the aforementioned fountain pens in their case, a stack of mini Post-It notes, and a bigger stack of index cards. Even though I use programs like Evernote, Sticky Notes, and Google Drive, it’s much easier for me to make to-do lists using good ol’ pen and paper. I keep it by my PC to refer to it, and it’s very satisfying when I cross off yet another project done. I also find that I remember things better when I physically write them down.

#11 – What you like most about January.

That it’s cold! Such a rarity in SoCal!

#12 – Favorite cold weather adjectives.

Crisp. Clear. Chilly. Bright.

#13 – Your personal writing goals.

To continue to get this blog more readers and to get published in some form some day!

#14 – Your keys to success this year.

Don’t give up, no matter how little progress it seems like you’re making. Keep trying, even when it seems everyone is succeeding faster and better than you. Stay the course, despite it being difficult.

#15 – Advice/encouragement to fellow writers.

Read. Write. Read some more. Keep writing.



This challenge is from Journaling Junkie, and a list of all this years’ challenges can be found HERE!

“Big Bear, CA” by Ian D. Keating is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

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