VeggieTales in the House Review: "The Great Ice Cream Chase" / "The Guppy Whisperer" -

VeggieTales in the House Review: “The Great Ice Cream Chase” / “The Guppy Whisperer”

The first and second episodes of Season 2 of VeggieTales in the House, now available on Netflix! In “The Great Ice Cream Chase,” Bob gets his tonsils removed, and in “The Guppy Whisperer,” Jimmy and Jerry get a new guppy.

“The Great Ice Cream Chase”

VeggieTales in the House Review: "The Great Ice Cream Chase" / "The Guppy Whisperer" -

Happy 2016, everyone! There was a little break from reviews in January, but now we’re back! Season 2 premiered way back in September, so fans are probably all caught up by now. In a slight twist, these reviews will be “off the cuff,” so to speak, because I’ve not seen any of them yet! So these are my immediate thoughts and analyses for each episode.

We start off Season 2 with “The Great Ice Cream Chase,” and not much, if anything, has been changed from last season. Even the images used during the theme song are the same. Since there’s little to no continuity in this show, having dramatic story arcs or character development probably wouldn’t suit the format, anyway.

VeggieTales in the House Review: "The Great Ice Cream Chase" / "The Guppy Whisperer" -

Bob has had his tonsils out and is hilariously delirious. He begs Larry to go get him his favorite “Bubble Plum” ice cream, one of the rarest flavors. Larry heads to Pa’s store, where Pa luckily has one scoop left. He warns Larry to take it right to Bob, to not veer off the “straight and narrow path.” While this pseudo-verse (technically Matthew 7:14) is usually quoted in terms of straying away from God into sin, in this case, it is quite literal as Larry attempts to drive home. He gets distracted by lobster racing (why) and leaves the ice cream in the car. A Radish – working for Motato? – seizes the opportunity and steals Larry’s car.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jerry come to “help” Bob recover, but aren’t very successful since their idea of helping is giving Bob scratchy crackers and playing dodgeball. Back in town, Larry chases down his stolen car while riding a lobster. Luckily, Junior is nearby and quickly changes into Junior Jetpack to save the day. (It is pretty cool that Junior can be heroic even if LarryBoy isn’t around.)

Larry, happy that his car has been recovered, vows to go straight home, but is again distracted by Mr Lunt, who wants to show him a marshmallow shaped like Mayor Archibald. Larry imagines a tiny ghost Pa, who repeats his warning about staying on the straight and narrow path. Larry insists that he also said it was okay to see something really cool like the marshmallow (Ghost Pa: “I never said that.”), or he probably just doesn’t remember properly because it was so long ago (Ghost Pa: “Not long at all.”), or maybe Pa meant something else (Ghost Pa: “I was very clear.”).

Of course, Larry leaves again, with Rooney stealing the ice cream this time. He chases the dog down with Ichabeezer’s reluctant help. At home, Bob is miserably being regaled with Jimmy and Jerry’s “lullaby,” with Jimmy singing rather obnoxiously about going to sleep and Jerry harmonizing off-key in the background.

Larry tries once again to do the right thing and go home, but he accidentally switches off the parking brake and his car shoots off down the hill and disappears. He mopes around for a while, regretting getting distracted, but luckily, a police officer rescues Larry’s car. Driving home, there are numerous ridiculous distractions, and Larry bemoans not being able to stop. Then Pa randomly slams against the car. (Larry: “Are you a daydream?” | (Real) Pa: “No, I’m quite real.”) He proceeds to sing a song about – well, what else? Staying on the straight and narrow path.

VeggieTales in the House Review: "The Great Ice Cream Chase" / "The Guppy Whisperer" -

Somehow, the ice cream hasn’t melted yet, and Larry thanks Pa for the song and really and truly goes home. Bob is delighted to see him and gratefully eats the ice cream. Jimmy and Jerry complain about being tired from taking care of Bob all day, so Larry zooms to the kitchen to get ice cream for everyone (not Bubble Plum, of course).

“The Guppy Whisperer”

VeggieTales in the House Review: "The Great Ice Cream Chase" / "The Guppy Whisperer" -

Jimmy and Jerry are at Pa’s store, adopting a new guppy. I’m not sure why Pa would sell those two a living creature, but business is business, I guess. He quotes to them Proverbs 12:10:

The righteous care for the needs of their animals.

Jimmy kinda blows him off, saying they know how to take care of a pet, and they depart, leaving Pa looking rightfully worried.

In town, Bob meets with Madame Blueberry, who is being very secretive, with dark sunglasses and jazzy noir music playing in the background. She’s been commissioned by Ichabeezer to cook her famous super secret sandwiches for a special guest and wants Bob’s help. She gives him the secret recipe to memorize (and then eat) and then instructs him to meet her at Ichabeezer’s house tomorrow.

At Jimmy and Jerry’s place, the guppy seems rather sad, even as they position its bowl in front of the TV and give it the “happiest” name of Happy Sunshine Bubbles. When they go to bed, the fish cries . . . underwater. I get that Jimmy and Jerry are supposed to be bad at taking care of the guppy, but in the morning, they do notice that it’s sad right away and call for a guppy expert.

At Ichabeezer’s, Madame Blueberry makes the first sandwich for the guest – who is revealed to be Rooney. Madame is put off about preparing gourmet food for a dog, but she clearly isn’t averse to being swayed by money when Ichabeezer offers her an extra $100 for each sandwich. She and Bob then begin frantically making piles of sandwiches.

VeggieTales in the House Review: "The Great Ice Cream Chase" / "The Guppy Whisperer" -

Laura Carrot is the titular “Guppy Whisperer,” and when she arrives at Jimmy and Jerry’s house, it only takes her a second to diagnose the guppy as being sad. (This is a nice bit of continuity from the very first episode, where Laura herself had to learn about caring for a pet.) She gives the two gourds a book on guppy care and then hurries off to another guppy emergency. Of course, Jimmy and Jerry don’t read the book thoroughly, and though they figure that the guppy is hungry, they don’t know what to feed it. So they decide to give it everything. They make a giant cookie filled with all their favorite snack foods (including a Bubble Plum ice cream!), and try to give it to Happy Sunshine Bubbles.

VeggieTales in the House Review: "The Great Ice Cream Chase" / "The Guppy Whisperer" -

Of course, the guppy is disinterested, and the cookie somehow goes out of control, rolling out the door and taking Jerry with it. At Ichabeezer’s, Madame and Bob run out of peanut butter for their sandwiches and so rush to Pa’s store to get more (Ichabeezer: “Hurry back . . . Get off my lawn.”) In their haste, they crash into Jerry’s cookie, causing it to break into pieces. Jimmy explains what happened (Bob: “Why would you put all your snacks in one cookie?”), and Madame suggests giving Happy Sunshine Bubbles one of her sandwiches – after they buy more peanut butter from Pa. Surprisingly, there is no reaction from Bob about this, even though he should know from Larry (and common sense) that guppies can’t have sandwiches. In any case, Madame and Bob rush back to Ichabeezer’s, and Jimmy tries to give the guppy the sandwich, but to no avail. In an incredibly subtle joke, he laments,

“I feel like such a – ”
“*ding dong*” (Ichabeezer’s doorbell)

Like . . . wow. I almost didn’t even catch that!

Anyway, Madame offers to make more sandwiches for Rooney, but Ichabeezer admits that letting Rooney eat all those sandwiches was a bad idea. Laura returns to Jimmy and Jerry’s house and is incredulous that they didn’t read the book at all and that they don’t know that pets need pet food, not people food. She takes them to Pa’s store, singing a song about proper choices in regards to taking care of pets. Ichabeezer shows up too, deciding to get Rooney some proper dog food.

In case you were wondering how the two storylines of the guppy and Ichabeezer were connected, it’s because the theme of this episode is literally about doing the right things for your pets. That’s it. No secondary theme of kindness or helping others, or any ulterior motive. Nope! Just . . . take care of your pets, kids. I mean, it’s not a bad theme by any means, and this was actually a pretty entertaining, if random episode (it features sandwiches, so of course). I guess it’s also technically about responsibility, so there you are. (Quick aside: I just realized that Larry isn’t in this episode at all! Is that a first??)

What did you think of this first episode of the new season? How do you help your children understand the importance of staying on the straight and narrow path, or about taking care of their pets? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: VeggieTales in the House from Big Idea Entertainment, DreamWorks Animation Television, and Bardel Entertainment

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