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Flash Fiction: The Party

“Life is full of surprises.”
— John Major

“Are you coming over to help me set up for the party at Bryan’s?”

Jeannie rolled her eyes, but she was smiling. “Is it even a surprise anymore? You do it every year.”

Betty straightened proudly. “Yes, it is. Because he’s always surprised I haven’t given up yet!” She laughed. “Besides, it’s my birthday too – I deserve to have a little fun.”

“Twins,” Jeannie said, shaking her head. “Still not sure who got the short end of this deal.” She handed Betty her steaming coffee. “I get off work in about a half hour. That enough time?”

Betty nodded. “Plenty! I’m about to head over now to get started. Let me know when you’re on your way.”

“Sure thing,” Jeannie agreed. “Oh, but wait! Actually, can you do me a favor?”

* * * * *

Forty minutes later, Betty finally entered the elevator of her brother’s apartment building. The very nice, but very old, lady at the post office had taken quite a long time to find Jeannie’s package. Betty didn’t mind helping out her friend, but after about ten minutes of standing around, she had gotten a little antsy and paced around the tiny room. Once the lady had handed over the package, Betty had practically bolted out the door. There was still time before Bryan would be home, but she did hate to rush.

The elevator was slow, and Betty checked her phone impatiently. Jeannie hadn’t texted that she was on her way yet, so she must have been held up at work. Probably some customer probably upset that their coffee was hot or something ridiculous. Betty sighed. She would need Jeannie’s help if she wanted to get done in time.

With a ding, the elevator stopped at Bryan’s floor, and Betty hurried out with her bags of decorations. She powerwalked down the hallway to door 679 and after fumbling a bit with the keys, kicked upon the door.


Betty jumped about a foot in the air, spilling her bags all over the floor.

The room was already decorated – and full of people! Including her brother, who was laughing uproariously at the look on Betty’s face.

She stared at him and everyone else – including Jeannie! – feeling totally confused and with her heart racing.

Bryan came over to her, still grinning broadly. “Got ya, sis!” he crowed.

“Wha- wha- wha-?” Betty sputtered.

“Thought it was about time that you got a surprise party instead,” he said. He wrapped her in a hug.

“Happy birthday to my twin sister, Betty!” he said over her head to the room. Everyone cheered.

Bryan looked down at her, face softening. “Are you okay? Is this alright?”

Shaking her head, Betty stared up at her brother. “Yes, of course. Thank you. It’s just that . . . I guess I don’t like surprises!”

WHAT A TWIST! (not really)

I tried really hard to keep this under 500 words and I SUCCEEDED. The quality suffered a bit, but that’s the challenge! *triumphant pose*

This idea came from Yeah Write, which is doing a year-long short story challenge for 2016! I’m a bit late to the party, so this is Week 3’s prompt. You can read all about the challenge HERE!

“Confetti” by nathanmac87 is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

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