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Flash Fiction: The Future

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
— Peter Drucker

You stand at the open crystal-paned window and gaze casually out at your pristine emerald-green lawn. The individual blades catch the light just so, and the whole backyard sparkles in the warm sun. A soft breeze rustles the trees. Birdsong hangs in the air. You sip purified water from a recycled glass.

A noise breaks this idyllic scene, but only slightly. More of a crack, really. It is the solar-powered lawnmower, started by your solar-powered robot butler. He pushes it carefully down one strip of slightly overgrown grass and pauses to wipe his brow. It is one of his many naturalistic features.

You push open the window entirely and call out, “Oh, Philip!”—your butler’s name—“You’re doing a marvelous job. Keep up the good work!”

Philip responds with a thumbs up. You beam at him.

Nightfall is still a few hours away, so you leave your recycled glass in the sink to be washed and dehydrated later. You resume work on 3D printing your clothes and later go pick fresh vegetables from the garden. Philip finishes mowing and begins making dinner from said vegetables.

As you wait for delicious smells to start wafting around the house, you watch hologram TV. Emotionally and literally immersed in the story, you almost don’t notice the tinkle of the diamond bell, announcing that the food is ready.

You eat—everything is delicious and healthy, of course—and Philip watches, smiling.

When you retire to bed, the lights dim as the moon rises, and the house shuts down every appliance one by one until the only thing left is your solar-powered cell phone, which hovers slowly next to your bed.

“Good night, world,” you say. And you close your eyes. You sleep.

All is well.



Okay, so I know this seems really weird and it is, but trust me, it’s for a good cause! I’ve been watching Desert Bus for Hope, which is a charity fundraiser, raising money for Child’s Play. You can watch their stream on Twitch as they play one of the most boring games in the world, Desert Bus. But for the next 90+ hours (as of this post), they will also do challenges, auction off cool geek items, interview awesome people, hold giveaways, sing karaoke, dance weirdly, and otherwise be entertaining and encourage people to support Child’s Play. It’s very cool, and I’m glad to be participating this year. You can check out all their info on their website and donate there! If you’re reading this post in the future (hello!), this group does this fundraiser every year, so be sure to check it out!

Oh, what does this have to do with this odd story? Well, they had a challenge to create an image/story of the future, specifically a nice future where you’d actually want to live. I ended up not submitting anything but thought I’d put it up here anyway as a sort of signal boost. Yay! It’s still part of the writing challenge I’m doing, though I changed the prompt because it was to “write a story in third person,” and I normally do that anyway.

The prompt came from Yeah Write, which is doing a year-long short story challenge for 2016! This is Week 46’s prompt. You can read all about the challenge HERE!

“The lawn” by Sam DeLong is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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