February 2017 – Journal #1

Quote of the week:

“This pouring thoughts out on paper has relieved me. I feel better and full of confidence and resolution.”
— Diet Eman, Things We Couldn’t Say

It’s February! The month of love and discounted candy! HUZZAH!!

You can bet I’ll be hittin’ up Target on the 15th, y’all . . . That is, unless it’ll already be switched to EASTER, which is what happened LAST YEAR. I missed out on cheap chocolate. =(

Anyway, on with the first part of this month’s journal challenge! As always, please feel free to join the conversation in the comments! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and whatever awesome things you all are up to!

Love at first page

I’m guessing this is referring to a book that I loved from the first page . . . Hm, I’m sure there’s been many, but the one that springs to my mind is, of course, The Neverending Story, my favorite book of all time. AND AM I WRONG? Pin your peepers to this:

rednaeroC darnoC lraC
skooB dlO

This inscription could be seen on the glass door of a small shop, but naturally this was only the way it looked if were inside the dimly lit shop, looking out at the street through the plateglass door.

Outside, it was a gray, cold, rainy November morning. The rain ran down the glass and over the ornate letters. Through the glass there was nothing to be seen but the rain-splotched wall across the street.

Suddenly the door was opened so violently that a little cluster of brass bells tinkled wildly, taking quite some time to calm down. The cause of this hubbub was a fat little boy of ten or twelve. His wet, dark-brown hair hung down over his face, his coat was soaked and dripping, and he was carrying a school satchel slung over his shoulder. He was rather pale and out of breath, but, despite the hurry he had been in a moment before, he was standing in the open doorway as though rooted to the spot.

Before him lay long, narrow room, the back of which was lost in the half-light. The walls were lined shelves filled with books all shapes and sizes. Large folios were piled high on the floor, and on several tables lay heaps of smaller, leather-bound books, whose spines glittered with gold. The far end of the room was blocked off by a shoulder-high wall of books, behind which the light of a lamp could be seen. From time to time a ring of smoke rose up in the lamplight, expanded, and vanished in darkness.

I mean, c’mon. Does that not inspire love? Does it not, at the very least, intrigue? It sure did for a twelve-year-old Hayley, who had either finished the book she had brought to her seventh-grade SATs or forgotten it entirely (both prospects are scarcely believable, but thank goodness, right?) and had to ask her teacher to look through his collection in the front of the room. Like Bastian, it was the title that caught my eye: a story that never ends? How could that be? I took it back to my desk, and I’ve been in the world of Fantastica ever since. I’m not sure if I was allowed to bring it home, but I remember reading it at least twice, and then one of my best friends bought me my very own copy for my birthday. ❤

Queen of Hearts


Just gonna put that there . . .

Your favorite love poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.

. . .

Listen, I’m not an encyclopedia of love poetry! Maybe something Whitman wrote?

That’s probably right.

Favorite Romantic Comedy

Shaun of the Dead, BAR NONE.

A language you adore

I promise this isn’t hyperbole, but I love all languages — even English! It’s just so amazing to me that we humans have all these sounds and characters and symbols to describe everything from trees to the concept of gravity. You’ve got Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Korean, Swahili, and Welsh with all those wacky y’s! And those are just the more well-known languages; I know there’s THOUSANDS in the world, with equally amazing people speaking them. I love it!

A celebrity/fictional crush

Heh, this is probably going to be embarrassing, XD. I was a bit slow to the whole “crush” game — though I’m pretty sure my first was Steve from Blue’s Clues . . . I didn’t really get into the celebrity scene, either, until I was in college. (Besides Daniel Radcliffe because Harry Potter.) I also don’t really crush on fictional characters so much as the actors playing them (yes, even voice actors). Though I always had a weird adoration for Clopin from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame . . . Hm, I’m learning new things about myself . . .

ANYWAY, my current celebrity crushes are somewhat eclectic: Josh Groban, Adrien Brody, David Tennant, Bradley Cooper, Charles Edwards, Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Dylan Moran, Jeremy Renner, Mark Strong, Christoph Waltz, and also pretty much all the Pythons. xP

How you feel about romance novels


I mean, I’m sure there are some good ones out there . . .

How you fell in love with writing

Mm, I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but it was after reading Janette Oke’s Spunky that I was first inspired to start writing my own stories. Her style was inspired, yes, but also simple enough for a little me to think, “hey, maybe I could do that!” So I did! It was very similar to Spunky, a story about a dog who moves away from his family, but I wanted to expand it and add more homes and more adventures. I planned the whole thing out — and never actually got beyond one little story. But hey, that’s the one that started it all. =)

What you like/dislike about Valentine’s Day

Don’t you mean GALENTINE’S DAY? 8D


I guess what I dislike about Valentine’s Day is the PRESSURE put on couples to get yet another fancy present, do this other fancy thing, show how much you love each other to the whole world, etc. That’s kinda what anniversaries already do, whether for dating or marriage (so basically, if your anniversary is February 14th, you’re pretty much golden). And there’s similar pressure if you’re single (and don’t want to be), and there’s just that painful loneliness and desperate sadness you feel. It’s not nicknamed “Single Awareness Day,” or “SAD,” for nothing.

But if you treat Valentine’s Day as more of a fun thing, just a specifically timed date night or an excuse to do something you two have been wanting to do together, then that’s what’s fun. I like that aspect of the holiday. And also all the candy.

Personal Prompt

Easy one this week:

What’s your favorite color?

Mine is blue (obviously). But specifically, it is the color of the Crayola cerulean blue crayon. I tried googling “cerulean,” and there’s many varieties, but not that exact beautiful shade and hue of blue.


  • Well, February just started, so not much has happened. (Personally. In our country, that is a whole ‘nother story.)
  • ALA (Anime Los Angeles convention) was pretty great! Very chill, relaxed, and fun. I got a lot of buttons from amazingly talented artists! Oh, and the mountains near Ontario were so beautiful~
  • One day, I think I’d like to try cosplaying. But after hanging with cosplayers and seeing them around, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather be comfortable than stylish (let’s be real: that’s my motto for fashion in general), so I’d probably be someone simple, like a Pokemon trainer. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of having my picture taken. HOW DO YOU POSE?? WHAT IS SMILING
  • Today was frustrating because I had a pork roast to put in the slow cooker for dinner tonight (pulled pork with chimichurri!), but when I took it out of the packaging, it smelled . . . off. Not like rotten eggs, but rather sour and vinegar-y. So I rinsed it and cut off the fat cap, which was the smelliest part, but overall, it was still just . . . off. I’m like, 80% sure it was fine, but y’know, food poisoning is just not worth it. Yeah, it’s a waste of money and food, but if I have the luxury to avoid even the remotest change of making everyone in my family sick, then I’m doing it. $5 isn’t worth four people in and out of the bathroom all day and night, missing school and work, etc. But it did mean coming up with a dinner alternative. I settled for going back to the store and getting chicken thighs, baking those, and just putting the chimichurri on top, and folks, it was pretty darn good, so take that, smelly pork! Also, we made biscotti for the first time and we didn’t have enough almond extract or almonds, so I’m sad they’re less than authentic, but they taste pretty good and I don’t even like crunchy cookies, so that’s something, I guess.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What are your February plans?

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