March 2017 – Journal #2

Quote of the week: 

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”
— Cardinal Ximénez

It’s that time of the month again: THE END.

Well, nearly.

Do you ever reflect upon time itself, about how each day slips by, following by the passing weeks, the fading months, the ongoing years? About how, in the grand scheme of things, a lifetime isn’t quite so very long . . . ?

I do, and it makes my brain itch.

But enough of this cheery banter. On with the first part of this month’s journal challenge! As always, please feel free to join the conversation in the comments! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and whatever awesome things you all are up to!

An adventure you’d like to have

Bilbo seemed to have the right idea:

I’ve actually been rereading The Hobbit, and it’s amazing how many things are different than the movies, I’d totally forgotten. Like when they all go to Laketown, it’s not all secrety and manipulative; Thorin is just like, “YO, I’M THE KING, LET US REST HERE AND ALSO GIVE US SUPPLIES,” and the people are like, “Oh, sure, yup, here you go!”

Those movies are a hot mess, I’m sorry to say.

Write about St. Patrick’s Day

It was very chill, actually. I was with The BF, I wore my green Invader Zim shirt and shamrock earrings, we went out to dinner with our friends, and then we went back home and watched The West Wing. All around, a good day. ☘

An interesting fact about Irish lore

Amazingly, I have something to say about this! I watched Song of the Sea last week, which is a lovely, sweet animated movie (2D!) made by an Irish animation studio. They also did Secret of the Kells. (I liked that one a tad better, but both are very good.) Song of the Sea features selkies, seals who turn into women on land, as well as other fairy folk — or rather, “good neighbors.” The movie is basically a modern adaptation of traditional Irish legends, and the characters have to save the fairy world from extinction. So there’s a lot of lore involved, obviously. The animation is absolutely beautiful, and both films are totally worth a watch if you haven’t seen them!

Favorite mythical creature

. . . Do Harry Potter ones count? (*cough*snifflers*cough*)

Else, I’m gonna be boring and go with dragons.

I like that there are so many different varieties, from so many different stories all over the world. A dragon can look like a big, lumbering dinosaur or like a tiny ribbon fluttering in the breeze. Some breathe fire, some can fly — dragons are just cool, man.

Favorite Brothers Grimm fairy tale

Oh, man, it’s been so long since I’ve read Grimm . . . I did read a book series based on those stories, A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz, but that’s a little different.

Honestly, the only one springing to mind is Cinderella. I believe their version had enchanted shoes that burned off the stepmother’s feet? Something gruesome like that, as is the the Grimm brothers’ wont.

Or maybe that was Snow White . . .

What makes you feel nostalgic?

Music, usually. Listening to old songs, like from Sesame Street and other PBS shows. It has to be something I’ve not heard in a very long time, though, because, as an example, I still watch the same Disney movies now as I did when I was little, so those songs don’t usually give me the same feeling.

The nostalgia factor was REAL, though, when I came across a YouTube video that was a rip of an old VHS Disney Sing-a-Long video. I WATCHED THOSE THINGS SO MANY TIMES. This one wasn’t Disney film songs, though, it was 101 Dalmatians-themed, all live action, and with songs like, “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and “Hokey Pokey,” etc. Just skipping through brought back so many memories, and it was weird!!! And — look, Imma just put it here:

What you think is aesthetically pleasing

I like simplistic things. Modernism. Clean, symmetrical lines. Symmetry, in general. Bright colors that are not too bold nor too pale. Organized things.


Have you ever planted a garden?

Not personally. I think my dad tried once, when we had a big backyard. But like, gardens need a lot of care and attention, neither of which anybody in our house was willing to devote. And I’m pretty sure I had little potted plants that I’d get from Home Depot or from school, but nothing ever lasted. It’s something I’d like to do now, though. Not as a full-blown profession or even a hobby, but it’d be nice to have some fresh herbs like basil or bay leaves around for when I’m cooking, so I don’t have to remember to get them from the store each time, especially when I only need a sprig or two.

Write about spring cleaning

Personal Prompt

Once again stealing this one from Spontaneanation again because it’s still #TryPod month!

Have you ever been arrested?

Now obviously, if this is a touchy subject, you don’t have to answer, but I’m guessing for most people, the answer is no, or if you were, it was a brief altercation. Same with me: I’ve never been arrested, nor even gotten a ticket, though I’ve had a few close calls.

Most recently was driving home from SDCC in 2014, which I detailed at the end of this post.

The time before that was when I was driving my friends home from one of Rob Paulsen’s podcast shows. It had been at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club (no longer there, sadly) in Citywalk at Universal Studios. We were all excited and pumped up from what had been an excellent show (do I remember who the guest was? no, but everybody was always amazing). I had the idea to drive by the Warner Bros. Studio, since it was so nearby, and then we could all see the famous water tower (for those who don’t know, Rob Paulsen played Yakko, Pinky, etc. in a show called Animaniacs, in which the three main characters lived in the water tower on the Warner Bros. studio lot — it’s a good show, you guys). So we head over there, and I drive a little slowly so my friends can all see. There weren’t many people around so late at night, hence why I thought it was safe to do so . . . But then came the telltale flash of red and blue lights. Definitely an OH CRAP moment for everybody in the car.

I pull over, and the police officer comes to the window and says, “Do you know your lights aren’t on?”

I do not know this. I give a little nervous laugh, and flip them on. (The reason I didn’t notice before is because the Citywalk parking structure is very bright inside, and it simply didn’t register that hey, it’s nighttime and I need my headlights while driving the dark LA streets.) Then she just asks for my license and all that, and she asks why I was driving so slowly, and I explain that we’re from out of town and are just from a show and are looking at the water tower, etc. She is very nice, all things considered, and just tells me to drive home safely.

I also almost once got a fix-it ticket for a cracked windshield, but I guess since the cracks were all on the passenger’s side, the officer decided not to bother and just told me to fix it as soon as possible. (Which I did.)

Basically, I’ve been very lucky that my experiences with police officers have all been neutral, if not quite positive, experiences.


  • I was driving my sister to school, and on the side of the road was this big white bird. It was such a startling sight, I turned the car around just to get a better look at it. It wasn’t a swan, but definitely some sort of water bird. We ultimately (and probably erroneously) decided it was a heron, a sad one that got lost on its way while flying north . . .
  • Since I was going out on the actual holiday, the day before St. Patrick’s Day, I made Irish-ish food for dinner: bangers and mash! The sausages got a little toasty (they were very pink inside, which I think is normal, but still freaked me out, so I kept cookin’ ’em), and the potatoes were totes messed up because our mixer is on the fritz, but somehow I still made it work and it still TASTED GOOD AND WE ALSO HAD DELICIOUS MINTY CHOCOLATE COOKIES FOR AFTERS. Take that, corned beef and hash!
  • The BF really got me into The West Wing, and I’m like, having all these feels for these stupidly amazing characters (C.J. is THE BEST) and the writing and everything, and the last episode I watched was “Noël,” and I’m so so sad and want to give Josh cookies. D8

How was your March?

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