April 2017 – Journal #2

Quote of the week:

Fit the box, fit the mold.
Have a seat in the foyer, take a number.
I was lightning before the thunder.
~ “Thunder,” Imagine Dragons

Yesterday (as of this writing), I posted a little story with silly drawings for a board game that The BF and some friends and I played. And it was all well and good and funny to use stick figures, but I couldn’t help thinking, “Man, I wish I could actually draw . . . ” It’s no secret how much I love animation, especially the traditional hand-drawn kind. This video came across my Facebook feed, which led me to this one — and I am just in awe of the talent, of how a few lines can convey such emotion and character. It’s just . . . amazing to me. And now I find myself wondering: is it too late to learn how to draw? The answer to that is, of course not. But it would definitely be difficult and take a lot of (perfect) practice and time. Any hobby is like that, though, and how much effort you’re willing to devote is a true indicator of your passion and interest, in my opinion.

It’s something to think about.

Anyway, on with the second part of this month’s journal challenge! As always, please feel free to join the conversation in the comments! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and whatever awesome things you all are up to!

Your favorite potluck recipes

Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a potluck. Not like, an official one designated as such, anyway. But I’ve been to family gatherings where everybody is charge of bringing some sort of food. I usually try to opt for desserts because obvs, but usually we’re in charge of sides and appetizers — luckily, the items less likely to be judged! XD We usually bring potato salad or seven-layer dip, things like that. I think if it was a legit potluck, where you literally had to bring a pot of something something, I might be daring enough to tote along some chili.

Clothing you feel is comfortable

PAJAMAS! In fact, I’m wearing them RIGHT NOW.

Explain why you love the Earth we live in

Because it’s the only one we got!

And honestly, the Earth is beautiful (most parts, anyway). Have you seen Planet Earth II?? From the mountains to the valleys and the deserts and the grasslands, there’s so much to appreciate and just like, stare at in awe and wonder. And though we humans haven’t done the best job of taking care of the Earth, we’re pretty awesome too (most of us, anyway).

Your perfect weather

A balmy 75 degrees, good for either jeans or shorts. A warm sun with a cool breeze. Toy Story-esque clouds. The smell of salt in the air — What? I just described the beach? Again?

5 things you like about yourself

Yeesh, gettin’ kinda personal and psychological, aintcha, journal? Um . . .

  1. My eyes.
  2. My hair.
  3. My ~*~sparkling~*~ personality.
  4. My tallness.
  5. My strength.

Things you encourage others to do

Well, this kind of ties back to my introductory paragraph: try new things! You’re never too old or too young or too whatever to do something you’re interested in. Whether it’s writing, drawing, crocheting, acting, anything, it’s always worth at least giving it a try. Who knows? It may change your entire life!

Personal prompt

Stealing again from Spontaneanation:

What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?

Now, there’s been plenty of times I’ve been scared, terrified even. But this is the one that first comes to mind.

In 2005, my grandparents took our whole family on vacation to Hawai’i (yes, you’re allowed to be jealous~). We stayed in this rental beach house instead of a hotel, so we could all be together: two grandparents, three aunts, three uncles, three cousins (I think), and my parents and siblings. It was common tourist thing to do in that area (I believe we were on the island of Oahu), and there were similar houses around us.

On the first or second night, we were all upstairs in the living room area, laughing and talking and enjoying island life, as you do. My grandpa went downstairs to get something.

Suddenly, I heard the most terrible voice saying, “GET OUT!

I was beyond frightened. I had been standing up, and my knees began knocking together (I had never fully understood that phrase until that moment), and I was trembling all over.

We had all stopped talking, scared and wondering what was going on.

I don’t remember exactly what happened next, it was a little confusing (the police may have been called?), and I was given more details after the fact.

Basically, a couple of local teenagers had broken into the house. As I mentioned, the houses in the area were mostly all for tourists, who both usually had cash on hand and were careless at locking all the doors of their vacation place. So, they were common hits for petty thieves, and my grandpa had stumbled across them in the act when he had gone downstairs. He was the one who had yelled, “GET OUT,” and with him usually being a soft-spoken, gentle man, I had never heard him sound like that. They got away, though, with cash from my aunts’ rooms, as well as their cameras.

I was severely freaked out by the whole thing and even wanted to go home (I was 14, cut me some slack). We didn’t, of course, and we all had an absolutely wonderful time (albeit taking significantly more security precautions). To this day, though, my house being burgled is like, a top fear of mine. It’s not so much the fact that someone stole your stuff; it’s that a stranger was in your home. It’s a perversion of privacy, as the film Following so chillingly illustrates.

Anyway, I know that experience is a little benign compared to some people’s most scared moments, but honestly, that’s not a contest I want to win. xP


  • On the 15th, The BF and I went to see Animaniacs Live! at the La Mirada theatre. IT WAS SUCH A GREAT SHOW. It’s hosted by Rob Paulsen (Yakko, Pinky, Dr Scratchensniff) and Randy Rogel (who wrote many of the songs, like “Yakko’s World” and “A Quake! A Quake!”), with special guest appearances by Tress MacNeille (Dot, Hello Nurse) and Jess Harnell (Wakko). I’d seen a version of this show before, back when Rob did his live podcasts, but this was definitely the more polished version — and with a 75-piece orchestra! DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME IT IS TO WATCH A XYLOPHONE AT WORK? I do! Rob and Randy are actually taking this show on tour around the country, so if you’d like to see it, send the website along to your favorite theatre near you to spread the word! It’s totally kid friendly (a little girl sitting next to me was having a blast), and you get to see all the awesome Animaniacs songs performed live by the most talented people in the world! 8D
  • I had so much candy on Easter, it was both GREAT and awful at the same time because even I have a limit on the amount of sugar I can consume. Not to mention all the delicious grilled meats we had for lunch. YUM~ (Also, I helped hide eggs for the kids, and I may have put some in cactus plants and up in trees. Gotta work hard for those treats, yo.)

How was your April?

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