September 2017 – Journal

Quote of the Week: 

“Don’t pull your love out on me, honey
Take my heart, my soul, my money
But don’t leave me drownin’ in my tears.”
~ “Don’t Pull Your Love,” Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds

I dunno why this old song is stuck in my head, but here we are.

I realize I haven’t been posting — at all — lately, and that’s because I’m super busy with work. Which, on one hand, is really great: Money! Experience! Contacts! 

But on the other hand, I’m working about six to eight hours a day, and between that and family responsibilities (and girlfriend duties and therapy), my time is completely taken up, with no time to write. =/

Despite it all being a little stressful and overwhelming, I’ve been feeling a fresh bout of self-confidence, so that’s definitely a plus. I want to keep challenging myself, especially once I’ve gotten my schedule to something consistent and manageable. I still have big plans for how to rework this site and maybe even my entire business. =O And like I mentioned last month, I’d like to really go for NaNoWriMo in November and maybe even try #Inktober next month (even though, I seriously cannot draw). I’d also like to take up running (my exercise work super needs a boost) and try some new baking recipes and rework my wardrobe and so on and so forth.

Basically, I’m in a good, good place right now, even though the work has been difficult and I miss writing (and reading . . .). I feel the past few months have been a real step forward in this life chapter of mine, and it’s left me feeling less trepidatious about the future. 8D

Anyway, on with this month’s journal challenge! As always, please feel free to join the conversation in the comments! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and whatever awesome things you all are up to!

What you love about sweater weather

The ability to wear sweaters, DUH. Seriously, though, I’m not a tiny person (my fellow 5-foot-9ers, where you at) nor skinny, but I get so dang cold so dang easily (The BF insists I have no blood). Last week, I had to break out the jeans and sweater for movie night because I knew I was gonna be a-shiverin’ throughout the whole thing otherwise (it doesn’t help that they blast the A/C in those theatres). And the temperature has barely grazed the 60s!

Winter is coming, and I’m DOOMED.

Share some studying tips

Well, I’m not in school anymore, but I remember those terrible good ol’ days. The best thing to do is to make note cards — they have apps nowadays, but I still think it’s best to handwrite them on index cards (and scientific studies suggest there’s a better chance of memory retention when writing than typing). And if you can, try to teach someone else about whatever you’re studying, because if you can explain to them, that means you actually understand it yourself. If your subject can’t be broken up into pieces or you don’t have anyone around to teach, then try the Pomodoro technique, where you work for 20 minutes, then take a 5-minute break, and so on until an hour has passed, and then you take a 20-minute break. It shakes up the monotony, and if you do things like exercise or meditate or play a quick game during your break, it’ll sort of refresh your mind so it’s ready to study more. (The Pomodoro technique is good for other kinds of work too!)

School supplies you love to buy






Share some writing wisdom

Read, read, read.

Write, write, write.

Tea or coffee?

Bleh, neither.

. . . But if I must choose: tea. (Iced.)

Favorite constellation

The Big Dipper!

(because that’s the only one I can recognize)

Favorite music artist

My go-to answer for this is: Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Josh Groban, and Michael Buble. If we’re including bands, then: The Beatles and Imagine Dragons.

I have eclectic and limited tastes, I’m well aware.

Write about wanderlust

I really would love to travel. I want to see the world, I want to see my country — heck, I just want to see my own state! (I mean, to be fair, California is VERY big.) One problem of traveling is money, of course, and I’d also like to go with other people, not alone (there are benefits of solo travel, definitely, but for me, just starting out, I’d like some company~). The other problem, for me, is my emetophobia, as that makes it difficult for me to eat new, strange foods. And that’s part of the reason why I decided to start therapy. Besides its disruption to my daily life, this phobia has also prevented me from exploring the very idea of traveling, and that makes me sad and mad and determined to learn to cope with it. And hey, you know, slowly but surely, I am getting better. =)

Writing pet peeves

Is this about other people’s writing or my own?

For the former, I hate love triangles, let’s just get THAT out of the way. (And unless the characters are all bisexual, then it’s really a love angle, anyway.) I’m also not terribly fond of contradicting character motivations. I’m not really someone who notices that, so when I do, it’s usually really bad.

For my writing, I have a tendency to overexplain things — I’m a bit of a exposition dumper. I have to remind myself that less is more, and my audience is smarter than I give them credit for (and, well, also most people really just don’t notice certain details and definitely don’t care as much as I do).

Do you like hot apple cider?

Not really. As you may have gathered from the above tea/coffee question, I’m not a big fan of hot drinks in general. Hot chocolate is in that list too. I just don’t like them. I do not like them, Sam I Am.

Personal prompt

Another silly one this month:

What are your favorite candies of the holiday seasons (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas)?


Valentine’s Day: Brach’s Conversation Hearts (NO, THEY ARE NOT THE CHALKY ONES, they are sweet and chewy and delicious).

Easter: Cadbury Eggs, obviously (I also love all the varieties of jelly beans around this time and Hershey’s little candy-coated chocolate eggs).

Halloween: Candy corn, or more specifically, the mellowcreme pumpkins that are like, in the same family.



  • I can be a pretty social person if I’m in a setting that calls for it, but man, there’s nothing that reminds me more of my true introvert nature than going shopping at the mall and then wanting to pass out on the couch the rest of the day!
  • In one of the self-help (or rather, mind/body health) books that my therapist suggested to me (Minding the Body, Mending the Mind), the author mentions that meditating for 10 to 20 minutes has been proven to be more effective than taking a nap. I haven’t properly tested this theory, but I’m willing to give it a go, as typically after a nap, I feel like how this comic so wonderfully illustrates.
  • Speaking of, I went to my first group therapy session last week. It was kinda what I was expecting (older people, mostly women, sharing life events). That’s not to say I hated it, not at all, but well, my phobia seems so small compared to people’s big life issues, that I kinda was left wondering why I was there. I know that’s probably not the point, and not everybody had a tragic story anyway, but still. I plan to keep going, because it will likely still help, and who knows, maybe my experiences will encourage others.
  • Is there such thing as group therapy confidentiality? There’s nothing really stopping someone from going off and telling other people the intimate stories shared in the sessions. I guess that’s just the risk you take?
  • Twice a week, I take my brother to tutoring. I used to wait inside, but it gets crowded with other parents and the chairs are very uncomfortable. The tutoring place is in a little plaza center, and right across the parking lot is a coffee shop (not Starbucks, in case you’re wondering). So, now I go in there while I wait for my brother to be done, and like thousands of other coffee shop regulars, I order my drink (passionfruit tea, usually sweetened) and take advantage of their free Wi-Fi to do some work (or read a book, if work is light). It’s actually been very nice, and I’m sure they’re enjoying my weekly patronage of $3 each visit.
  • One of my clients does educational email courses (some free, some not), and not to shill or anything, but they’re very high quality and extremely well written. It’s among the most satisfying work I’ve ever done, and I’ve learned about so many topics! Some are related to what I already do or enjoy (blogging, reading, exercise), and others are simply new and fascinating (drumming, gardening, philosophy, photography, coding, etc.). With every new assignment, my knowledge spectrum expands a little more. Sometimes I like to say that my job is to read for a living and how great that is. For this job, I really truly mean it.

How was your September?

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