After graduating college with a BA in English, I persistently ignored comments about how there’s no money in writing and got a job writing SEO articles and proofreading the same. Then I transitioned fully into editing tasks, with writing for personal projects. When I’m not working, I’m indulging in my other passions: animation, video games, literature, film, and baking.


I am a freelance editor with over six years of experience. I have proofed and edited for numerous websites, including media blogs, online publications, ESL content, and SEO article sites. I’ve also copy edited business e-books, social apps, and published novels. I am capable of independent research, and I understand the importance of preserving the integrity of the project while making necessary corrections.

I write for myself nowadays, and as such, in blogging, I favor a conversational tone that straddles the lines between colloquial and simple, and clear and pedantic. My fiction is much the same, though I do like experimenting in different styles. Straight non-fiction pieces tend to be done in a professional journalistic manner, depending on the topic.

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