Editing Services Overview


If you’re interested in utilizing my services, please use this site’s request form and provide as much information about your writing piece as possible. I’m experienced in both fiction and non-fiction and will accept content from most genres and professions.

For fiction, I will edit novels, novellas, short stories, fan fiction, and poems, among other works.

For non-fiction, I will edit blog posts, SEO articles, press releases, marketing copy, emails, newsletters, magazines, textbooks, and dissertations, among other texts.

If your work doesn’t seem to fit in any of those categories, just ask!


I use Microsoft Word and its Track Changes function. This allows you to see what edits I’ve made and either accept or reject them. I also will utilize the comment boxes if I need to ask you a question or point out something in the text.

Here is the official article on how to use Track Changes.

I strongly recommend MS Word or other word-processing programs when submitting works for copy editing and proofreading.

I also use Adobe Acrobat if you need proofreading of a PDF text after typesetting is complete. I will not edit the text directly but will use the comments function.

Here is the official article on Commenting in PDFs.


For most fiction pieces (novels, short stories, etc.), I use Chicago Manual of Style. For most web articles, marketing copy, press releases, and other non-fiction content, I use AP Style. These are the default, most widely accepted styles, and I will use them unless otherwise requested or if a style guide is provided. I’m also familiar with MLA and APA.

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