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Why You Need an Editor

Even if you prefer to proofread your content yourself, a few errors might slip by—after all, it’s your own words, you know what it’s supposed to say! The longer the text, the harder it is to catch everything, which is why a fresh set of eyes is important. A blog post might only need a quick run-through, but a novel usually requires a bit more TLC, especially if you’re self-publishing. An copy editor’s services might just give you the edge over the other thousand books vying for the attention of sharp-eyed readers. If you’d rather go the traditional route with an agent and publisher, a quick proofreading will make sure your manuscript isn’t rejected for mere punctuation mistakes.

Do You Need Copy Editing or Proofreading?

For novels and other lengthy works, both of these services are to be done right before publication. This means you have already had your writing looked over by a beta reader, a developmental editor, and a line editor.

If the works seems to be complete, but you want to be sure it’s grammatically sound and flows without error, copy editing checks for these, as well as other issues.

If you’re about ready to publish, but you want some textual cleanup or a punctuation check, proofreading fixes these and other minor issues.

For shorter works, like flash fiction, blog posts, etc., you may only need copy editing and proofreading once you’re satisfied with the final draft. It’s also good to proofread even after a copy edit to double-check for any new issues.

You can hire me for one or both of these services, for the same project or totally different ones. Just use this request form to let me know what you need!

Also, by sending me a sample first, I’ll be able to let you know if your work needs more than copy editing or proofreading services, and then refer you to an equally great editor who specializes in whatever editing service you may need.

My Work Process

As an editor, I have extensive knowledge of English grammar and its relations of punctuation and spelling. I actually do enjoy seeking out such mistakes and fixing them—not for the sake of being superiorly critical, but to make the content the very best it can possibly be (and to make the author look just as good).

Copy Editing Services

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Consistent verb tense and syntax
  • Basic fact-checking
  • Sentence flow, word choice, paragraph structure, and whether the content makes sense
  • Correcting for redundancies, logic, clarity, tone, and style

Proofreading Services

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Consistent verb tense and syntax

Anything more extensive, I will make comments about, pointing out certain issues for you to look over.

The goal is to create the best content possible and have all parties involved be sane and happy by the end.

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