Editing Services – Businesses

Why You Need an Editor

Having clean, correct copy is a sign that a business knows what it’s doing and knows how to do it well. A misspelled sign, a press release riddled with gibberish, or an erroneous comma in a web article is not only embarrassing, it can also lose you customers. Utilizing a copy editor’s services can give your business credibility and even accolades from sharp-eyed consumers.

Do You Need Copy Editing or Proofreading?

Both of these services are to be done right before publication.

If you would like to be sure the content is grammatically sound and flows without error, copy editing checks for these, as well as other issues.

If you are ready to publish but would like textual cleanup or a punctuation check, proofreading fixes these and other minor issues. If you are also checking the final design, re: on a brochure, advertisement, etc., proofreading can also be done post typesetting, in a PDF format.

You can hire me for one or both of these services, for the same project or totally different ones. I can also help you with proofing your entire website, e-books or other online publications, SEO articles, and apps, as well as overseeing writers and their work. Just use this request form to let me know what you need!

My Work Process

As an editor, I have extensive knowledge of English grammar and its relations of punctuation and spelling. I actually do enjoy seeking out such mistakes and fixing them—not for the sake of being superiorly critical, but to make the content the very best it can possibly be (and to make the company look just as good). I am detail-oriented, highly organized, and able to work independently with minimal supervision for extended hours, as required. When proofing, I understand the importance of preserving the intent of the author and their content while making it naturally readable, consistently accurate, and error-free for English consumers.

Copy Editing Services

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Consistent verb tense and syntax
  • Hyperlink verification
  • Basic fact-checking
  • Sentence flow, word choice, paragraph structure, and whether the content makes sense
  • Correcting for redundancies, logic, clarity, tone, and style

Proofreading Services

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Consistent verb tense and syntax
  • Hyperlink verification

Anything more extensive, I will make comments about, pointing out certain issues for you to look over.

The goal is to create the best content possible and have all parties involved be sane and happy by the end.

Editing Services Overview

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